Ganesh yantra contains the powers of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, intellect, purity and luck. Ganesh puja is considered to be highly auspicious for the initiation of any significant task in life therefore, before the starting of any task idol of lord Ganesha is been worshiped.


This Ganesh Yantra is energized by Ganesha mantras so that when it is been worshipped by you and your family, it will bestows the same energy around you. It is very helpful at the time of journey or at the commencement of any new business and career. Placing this yantra and worshiping it regularly will brings in the prosperity and happiness to the whole family.

A Yantra is just an instrument, in other words it is a talisman or mystical device usually in copper. From astrological point of view, it is believed that deities reside in these yantras. The Ganesh yantra is capable of removing the malefic effects of the planets, and increasing the positive outcomes in life.


  • Any new commencement in terms of business, career, and construction of a house, tour excursion and relationship should be started with the worship of extremely auspicious Ganesh yantra.

  • Ganesh Yantra is a must have as the presence of Ganesh yantra ensure for the success in every task that is been taken into account.

  • Tying a marriage knot, buying a new accommodation, start of your child’s career, establishing a new business require lots of blessings which you can gain through Ganesh yantra.

  • Every obstacle and hardship gets disappeared from your life with the positive effect of Ganesh yantra.

  • This yantra purifies your mind and body, filling it with new energy.


Many people have confusion regarding the procedure of doing the worship of this Ganesha Yantra and sometime they themselves perform the ritual according to them which don’t help them at all.


This yantra should be established in the most sacred corner of your home on Tuesday, Wednesday or on Ganesh Chaturthi in the morning.

Primarily wash it with holy gangajal (Water of Ganga) mixed with turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Finally place a roli on it and offer sacrosanct smoke of incense sticks. This procedure should be followed to activate and energize the yantra fully.

This is the right procedure to be followed while establishing this yantra so to get the best possible results.

More Details:

This is the most auspicious yantra and while worshipping this you should chant:

“Om Hareeng Shareeng glung gang Ganpatiye var vard Sawjanam me Vashmanayte Savaha Tha”.


“Om gang ganpatyae Namah”

Chanting these mantras and worshipping Ganesha yantra regularly will bestows you with health, wealth, prosperity, luck, good fortune and provide safety and security to you and your loved ones.

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