Worshipping Ganesh is closely associated with routine life of innumerable Hindu families in India as well as abroad. Ganesh is believed to be the Lord of success, who blesses his followers with their desired achievements by removing the obstacles of their paths. Hence, ‘Vignaharta’ is one of the popular names of Ganesh and it translates to the ‘demolisher of obstacles’. Here is a discussion about the belief of millions of people in Lord Ganesh being the guarantor of success.

Beginning of New Ventures

Lord Ganesha is remembered and worshipped at the beginning of big as well as small ventures, like those mentioned below:

* Construction of home, office, shop or any other structure begins with Ganesh puja or worship, by which the people request the Lord to bless the completion of task successfully.

* Most of the Ganesh believers begin their journeys to distant places by remembering him, so that they don’t face any harm or injury on the way.

* Many people keep small Ganesh statues with them while going for an important examination, or a job interview. This is because, Ganesh is also considered as the Lord of wisdom.

* Even the business houses, fashion designers, merchandise stores and all types of vendor shops never fail to put on Ganesh wall hangings or paintings in different parts of the premises.

Ganesha Symbolism

Lord Ganesh enlightens the path of success for his devotees, as his body and possessions symbolize different aspects of being successful in life.

Here is a discussion on this:

* Ganesh’s head represents the soul, which according to Hindu mythology, is considered to be the ultimate reality of life.

* Ganesh’s human body is the symbol of physical existence of humans on the Earth.

* The elephant head of the Lord signifies intelligence, which is important to achieve success.

* Long trunk symbolizes ‘Om’, which according to Hindu religion, is the basis of universe creation and a success hymn.

* The goad in one of the right hands helps the Lord to remove obstacles from the path of his followers’ success.

* The noose in his left hand helps the Lord to ease out the difficulties faced by his followers.

* Rosary in his one of the four hands propels his followers to continue gaining knowledge throughout the life.

* His broken tusk is held by Ganesh in his fourth hand to encourage humans for sacrificing.

* Snakes on Ganesh’s waist represent the energies to achieve success.

* Ganesh’s ride on mouse conveys human to become humble, even after being on top positions.

* The big ears of Ganesh are to assure that he listens to all his followers.

Lord Ganesh, with all his attributes mentioned above, is considered to develop a positive aura around him and remembering him brings positivism in life that leads to success in various desired forms.

Source by Ford Walston