For corporate India, Diwali is an occasion to splurge and indulge! It is the time to build relationships with employees, business partners and clients by pampering them a little. A lot of brain-storming goes into the selection of corporate Diwali gifts and still managers are confused about their decision. To come to the rescue of such thoughtful gift selectors, here are some popular and highly appreciated corporate Diwali Gift ideas.

Gourmet Gifts
Deepawali is the time to indulge in every way and this definitely includes good food! Gourmet gift hampers consisting of mithais, dry fruits, jams, sherbets, cookies and chocolates makes an excellent Diwali gift idea for employees. This festive hamper reflects prosperity and joy and will also convey your good wishes for your dear colleagues and business associates. While selecting gourmet gift items, go in for popular and exotic tastes. Since Diwali is a family festival keep in mind the taste of kids and other family members so that every one finds something interesting in the hamper.

Electronic Gadgets
Electronic gadgets make another highly appreciated Diwali Gift idea. Foremost factor to be considered while selecting electronic gadget is the budget. Popular electronic gadget gifts for Diwali include iPods, digital cameras, handy-cam, MP3 Players, DVD Players, PDA, cordless phones and projectors. You may also consider gifting a home appliance like steam iron, juicers, toasters, microwave, OTG, coffee makers, rice cookers, electronic kettles etc. Barbeque sets, roti makers and deep fryers make a novel gift idea for Diwali. If price is not a constraint go in for LCD TVs or laptops. Please note that in case of electronic gadgets, special care should be taken to ensure quality of the product.

Crockery Items / Utensils
Crockery items and utensils are a traditional yet top-selling gift for Diwali. If the recipient is connoisseur of wine, an attractive Diwali gift idea would be a range of bar accessories like ice bucket, cocktail shaker, bar tool set, wine bottle rack, leather hip flask, wine glasses, surahi / pitchers etc. For the homely ones go for tea – dinner sets and stylish glassware. On the higher end you may go for silver tea sets or other stylish silver accessories.

On Diwali people go in for house renovation and redecorations hence decoratives make a highly appreciated Divali gift idea. Preferred gifts in this category include paintings, candle holders, show pieces, sculptures, flower vases and hanging bells. On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali stylish puja accessories like brass diya and silver puja thali can also be considered.

Stationery and Desk-top Gifts
Stationery and Desk-top Gifts make a fantastic gift idea for corporate Diwali Gifting. You may easily gift them to your business associates, partners and clients. Interesting gift ideas in this category include silver pens and other writing instruments, portfolio bags, business organizers, time-pieces, coaster sets, reading lamps etc. Feng Shui gifts and hard bound coffee table books make a remarkable corporate Diwali gifting idea.